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Who Are We?

With 40 years of expertise designing and installing blinds projects, our highly-skilled team provide market-leading systems to the commercial and premium residential markets.

We specialise in highly technical and complex projects, offering carefully-considered proposals that meet your specific needs.

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External Blinds

Our premium external blinds offer environmentally-conscious home owners a low-maintenance, highly effective and beautifully designed shading solution to comply with Part O overheating regulations, reducing or removing the need for air conditioning. We specialise in highly technical and complex projects, offering carefully-considered proposals that meet your specific needs.

Sectors we work in

Who we help

Prime Residential

Our high-quality, premium external roller blinds are designed to block heat while allowing natural light to illuminate your home. These elegant blinds provide a sustainable, long-lasting alternative to air conditioning, enabling you to enjoy expansive windows and abundant sunlight while maintaining a cool, comfortable interior.We specialise in highly technical and complex projects, offering carefully-considered proposals that meet your specific needs.

Commercial and Public Sector

Enhance comfort and efficiency at your premises with our specialized commercial blinds. Our installations effectively reduce glare, provide privacy, and boost staff productivity. We excel in handling complex and large-scale projects, collaborating with construction and fit-out contractors to ensure seamless execution and superior quality for every job.

Heritage Buildings

Transform your heritage building with our tailored commercial blinds, designed to minimize glare while seamlessly integrating with the building's unique and traditional features. Working closely with architects and clients, we deliver projects that uphold the highest standards and respect the historical character of your property.

Healthcare & Education

Our robust blinds increase comfort for all users, including children, staff and patients, while maintaining a high standard of health and safety. We use child safety mechanisms such as chain clips and detachable crank handles, and our blinds are easy to operate and clean. We also offer an anti-ligature range suitable for mental health environments. We are accustomed to working around the unique needs of schools and healthcare establishments to minimise disruption to day-to-day operations.

5th floor penthouse


5th Floor Penthouse, Clapham

The owner of this fifth floor penthouse had wonderful views over his neighbourhood, but his large windows were also causing his apartment to get uncomfortably warm.

We installed three exterior blinds to his windows, stopping it from heating up while still allowing light in.

"Once installed they looked exactly as he said they would and had a wow factor that is hard to put in words. Would highly recommend!” – Liam MacIntyre

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been installing blinds for the commercial and premium residential market across the UK for over thirty years. We have experience in a wide variety of complex projects, offering high-quality bespoke products and installations, always focused on delivering exceptional customer service.

Our decades of technical expertise allows us to advise you on all aspects of a blinds installation, from fabric choices and motorisation options to more complicated elements such as shaped windows, blind concealment, and smart automation systems.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner who understands how to achieve the very best in quality and design, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the latest legal and sustainability requirements, Kensington Blinds are here to help.

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A huge success

A huge success

"Thank you so much for the amazing job you did of those tricky blinds, which are a huge success"

Sir James & Lady Deirdre Dyson

Impressive protection against the sun

Impressive protection against the sun

"We’ve been in now for nearly 6 months and are very pleased with both our internal and external blinds. The external ones in particular provide impressive protection against the sun while still giving good visibility."

Anthony Nowlan

A wonderful multi-functional space

A wonderful multi-functional space

"Tom did a top job and the added functionality [of the external blinds] provides for a wonderful multi-functional space at all times and in all weathers."

Charles Horn

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