What are External Blinds?

External blinds are shading devices installed on the exterior of a building, designed to regulate sunlight and heat entering the interior space.

These blinds are typically made with an aluminium frame and tough fibreglass fabrics, and are adjustable to control the amount of light and heat allowed into the building.

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How do External Blinds Work?

External blinds intercept and reflect sunlight before it reaches the windows, blocking solar heat and reducing glare.

By creating a barrier between the exterior and interior of a building, they help maintain cooler temperatures inside, ultimately reducing the need for artificial cooling.

However, external roller blinds still allow light to enter the room, while occupants can also see outside.

Benefits of Our External Blinds

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Reduce or Prevent Overheating:

Windows act in a similar way to radiators when the sun is out – heat from the sun travels through the glass, but then can’t travel back out again. The larger the windows, the more heat enters the room.

Studies have shown that installing exterior blinds can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 5 degrees or more, compared to a house with no shading.

Five degrees can be the difference between a comfortable living environment and stifling heat.

a sustainable cooling choice

A Sustainable Cooling Choice:

Exterior blinds require only a small power supply to raise and lower the blinds once installed. Unlike air conditioning, they do not require a constant electricity supply, and are therefore a much more energy efficient and sustainable cooling method.

A single 480 Watt AC unit uses approximately 0.48 kWh per hour, or 11.52 kWh per day. To put that in perspective, an average 4+ bedroom home with 4-5 occupants uses approximately 11.78 kWh per day. Using a single AC unit could double your energy usage and electricity bill.

maintain natural light

Maintain Natural Light and Outside Views:

The unique heat reflecting fabrics external blinds use reflect heat but still allows light into your house. This reduces the need for artificial lighting while also preventing glare and protecting furniture from sun damage.

In addition, the open weave of the fabric allows you to see through the blind to the outside. Unlike shutters or venetian blinds, Renson external roller blinds allow you to continue to enjoy your views while remaining comfortable on hot days.

smart home automation

Compatible with Smart Home Automation:

Control your blinds remotely via an app or by connecting them to your home automation system. You can even install along with sensors to lower the blinds when the room reaches a certain temperature.

This gives you control over the climate of your home, allowing for example to lower the blinds while you’re out to ensure the house stays cool through the day.

gloucester cricket ground


Gloucester County Cricket Ground

Renson® Fixscreen blinds were installed to the windows of 5th floor penthouses to prevent overheating and increase comfort for residents. Without the blinds, the inside temperatures were hitting temperatures of 28°C on average. Once installed, the Fixscreen blinds brought the average indoor temperature down to around 21°C.

Where Can External Blinds Be Installed?

windows and doors

Windows & Doors:

External blinds are ideal for installing over large windows – including corner windows – to ensure your home stays cool while enjoying natural light. The minimalist designs can be fitted inside window soffits or reveals to be as unobtrusive as possible.

skylights and roof glazing

Skylights & Roof Glazing:

Skylights are able to bring abundant natural light into a home but can also contribute to uncomfortable heat. Our range of Renson® exterior blinds can be installed on skylights, roof lanterns and other glazing to reduce solar gain – even compatible with Velux windows.

outdoor living areas

Outdoor Living Areas:

Exterior blinds help to provide extra comfort and privacy for your outdoor living areas. By sheltering from both sun and rain, you can enjoy being outdoors regardless of weather conditions. Renson exterior blinds are also compatible with the Renson range of outdoor pergolas.

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Keepers Cottage

The owner of Keepers Cottage in Somerset wanted to enclose an existing outdoor living area to make it more comfortable and usable throughout the year. He chose two external blinds with vision panels, providing weather protection and flexibility for his family to enjoy using the space for exercise and socializing regardless of weather conditions. The blinds blend perfectly with the traditional design of the cottage.

why choose us

Why Choose Us?

With over forty years of experience in the blinds industry, we have the knowledge and experience required to complete your installation to a high standard. Along with high-quality workmanship you get the benefit of our expertise helping you to maximise the effectiveness of your install and ensure the most value.

We are a preferred supplier of Renson exterior blind products, a European manufacturer renowned for quality and innovation, as well as huge range of products and design options to suit your unique requirements.

External blinds are relatively new in the UK and can seem complicated; we’re here to help you through the process, leaving you with a high quality installation which looks great and is easy to maintain.

Our Products:

renson fixscreen

Renson® Fixscreen External Roller Blinds:

The Renson Fixscreen external roller blind is designed for vertical glazing, like large feature windows and glazed walls. Fixscreen blinds are available in sizes up to 22m2 and can withstand up to 130km/h wind force.

renson panovista

Renson® Panovista External Corner Blinds:

The Renson® Panovista external roller blind is specially designed for glass-on-glass corner glazing, with a unique fabric zip feature securing two fabric panels at right angles without any visible cables or profiles. Ideal for corner glazing, Panovista blinds can be made in sizes up to 30m² for wraparound windows.

renson topfix

Renson® Topfix External Roof Blinds:

The Renson® Topfix external roof blind is designed for large rooflights, roof lanterns and sloping windows. It is compatible with Velux rooflights, easy to maintain and is available in sizes up to 30m². Topfix blinds can also withstand winds up to 130km/h.

A huge success

A huge success

"Thank you so much for the amazing job you did of those tricky blinds, which are a huge success"

Sir James & Lady Deirdre Dyson

Professional and competitive

Professional and competitive

"We are very happy with our new blinds from Kensington Systems. From start to finish they were professional and, importantly, competitive with their quote. The finished outdoor blinds look amazing and work perfectly in our outdoor covered kitchen."

Jackie Drake

A wonderful multi-functional space

A wonderful multi-functional space

"Tom did a top job and the added functionality [of the external blinds] provides for a wonderful multi-functional space at all times and in all weathers."

Charles Horn

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