What Types of Exterior Blinds Are Available?

Discover the different types of exterior blinds available and how they can enhance your property. From energy efficiency to privacy and style

At Kensington Systems, we know a thing or two about blinds. Having specified solutions for households and corporate clients, we are passionate about the benefits external blinds can offer. Our Renson® external blinds add a modern finishing touch that makes a genuine difference to the energy efficiency of a property.

Keep reading if you want to learn what different types of external blinds are available.

Discover the numerous advantages of adding external blinds to your home for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

What Are Exterior Blinds?

As the name would suggest, external blinds are installed in front of the window instead of inside a building. Controlled by electric motors, they offer a brilliant way to dress a window and reduce solar gain and heat loss, meaning that buildings can remain at a more comfortable ambient temperature in all seasons and weather conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Blinds?

  • Energy consumption is greatly reduced by eliminating solar rays from entering buildings and offering an extra layer of protection for windows during the colder months.
  • External blinds are simple to use by allowing you to open and close them at the touch of a button.
  • Exterior blinds are also incredibly durable and weather-resistant.
  • They also offer enhanced privacy and allow light levels to be controlled easily.
  • External blinds have an elegant, sleek finish, which enhances any building. With a choice of different styles, allowing the finish to be perfectly aligned with the building in question.

What Types of Exterior Blinds Are Available?

The external blinds market is estimated to be worth $24.62 billion by 2028, thanks to the many benefits listed above. Many homeowners and building developers realise that the future-proofing benefits quickly pay for themselves, offering fantastic ROI.

Exterior blinds also come in a couple of different forms, adding to their appeal. These include:

Exterior Roller Blinds

Like their commercial roller blind counterparts, external roller options are designed to be self-standing and can be fitted inside a soffit or face-fixed directly onto a façade. This makes the installation simple, offering a streamlined finish.

When not being used, the fabric rolls away entirely into the upper headbox for a tidy finish. Alternatively, when shading is required, the solid fabric panel sits firmly within an aluminium frame to offer complete window coverage.

These blinds have a modern finish, so they suit a wide range of buildings but come into their own when placed on contemporary homes or commercial properties.

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Exterior Venetian Blinds

The other option for external blinds is a Venetian design. Offering a more traditional look, these window coverings have horizontal metal louvres that can be manoeuvred to open and close. Thanks to the adjustable mechanism, they also lift easily and can be used at any height.

This option is popular for many as it can be installed inside a soffit or face fixed onto a wall. Another benefit is they can be made bespoke to fit non-standard shaped windows like triangles, etc, which fabric blinds struggle with.

Thanks to their timeless finish, Venetian blinds look great on both older and newer properties, with many style options again available for the perfect finish.

Do You Require External Blinds?

Please contact our team today if you want to fit exterior blinds into your next project.

As well as offering professional solutions, our experts are all experienced in working on various projects requiring a unique approach. With no window covering being out of our remit, we will provide you with external blinds that improves comfort and protects your property for years to come.

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